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Custom Homebuilder Valatie, NY

Create your dream!  Building a custom home is a deeply personal creative process from finding land, to picking the house site, to the house design itself. We have worked with a range of architects both locally as well as in New York City. We enjoy helping you create a lasting legacy.

Artist's Country House

A truly unique home designed by Dennis Wedlick, the foundation of the house is in the shape of a 6 pointed star creating different perspectives on the view out of each of the triangle shaped rooms.

Spencertown House

A timber frame design with wood paneling and hardwood floors nestled in the woods of Spencertown.

Country Home

Elegant county home that is formal and yet warm and inviting.

Pool House and Pool Surrounds

Modern Pool House and blue stone pool surrounds

Modern Home

Floor to ceiling glass allows you to enjoy the outdoors even when you are cozied up by the fireplace.  Designed by William Suk, the house has a mix of polished concrete and white ash flooring and a dramatic 3 story stair tower with vertical wood paneling and floating stair trends.

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